Leather is a natural product and requires regular care. Proper storage is also important and prolongs the life of your natural leather products. Maintain the leather regularly, so the natural leather can develop a beautiful patina and accompany you for a long time. 




Basically, you should store your natural leather products always in a cool, dry and well-ventilated environment and avoid them from direct sunlight and moisture. Bags can be stored in a cotton bag. This way the leather of your products can breathe and is protected from dirt and moisture. 




The use of colourless tube shoe cream from Collonil has proven to be a permanently good care product. Please test such a cream in advance on an inconspicuous spot, e.g. on the floor.

Apply the cream thinly with a soft cotton cloth and rub off the wax layer after about 20 minutes.

This is good care against dirt and moisture and ensures that the natural leather is appropriately re-greased.