Chervo Calfskin

This glove-softened and still stable calfleather receives ist natural and warm color shades from the true aniline tanning process.

Most leathers are tanned with the final colour applied as a top coat to the skin, thus hiding any imperfections in the leather. However, over time, this finish will wear and the imperfections will show. Our aniline tanning process involves each skin being coloured using watercolour dyes. These are fully absorbed deep into the skin to give a deep, rich colour to the leather. Over time, the leather will build a beautiful patina while loosing none of its original colour. 

Our leather is tanned exclusively for us in France - Centre Val de Loire - using the finest skins from Germany and France. 


Classico Boxcalfskin

This vegetable tanned calf is dyed for us using the aniline process, ie no covering color is applied which would cover the natural pores of the leather. At the end of the tanning process, a vegetal glaze is hand-rubbed into the leather. This hand-rubbing application results in the characteristic multicolor and brilliance of finished skins. 

after dyeing, each individual skin is ironed with a press.

this ironing protects the surface, which becomes more robust and gives the characteristic brilliant shine. 

this leather is tanned exclusively for us in Florence, Italy from South German raw skins. 

Bison leather

This robust and distinctive leather comes from the original American Bison, from strictly controlled wildlife animals.

In Florence, these hides are vegetable tanned. The hides are then dyed with a maroon-colored watercolour, and ultimately finished with a dark brown protective varnish. 

In the dark brown color, each model is hand-worked on our historc polishing machine, which gives a distinctive, patinated, antique surface finish. 

This effect is less visible with the  coxorange colour. 

Embossed Calf Leather 

Our embossed calf skin follows the vegetable tanning process as our Classico calf. However, during the process, each skin is embossed with either a croco or reptile print. This gives a beautiful and unique to each skin. 


Upon request, we are able to offer reptile and alligator leather. All leathers come from  registered and authenticated sources.

Briefcase/Luggage locks 

All our locks are milled from solid brass and polished by hand. We offer locks finished in either antiqued brass or plated with nickel chrome. 




Lining leather We use the same leathers for the lining of our styles as we use for the outsides. This ensures a high quality finish with exceptional wear quality for aur products, giving many years of exceptional use. 



Manicure/grooming set tools 

Our manicure and grooming sets are all equiped with tools of the highest quality from Eschenburg of Solingen.

Eschenburg tools are all hand crafted in Germany to a high level of precision with blades on our scissors and nippers being finished with hand sharpening to give the finest finish. We offer a five year warranty for any manufacturing defects that may, however unlikely, arise.